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By using our website, you signify that you understand our Terms and Conditions on this page. The Terms and Conditions of Register A Company In Ireland.com mentioned on this page are equivalent to a legally binding written contract. We ensure that all the information contained throughout this website is correct, accurate and maintained and updated on a regular basis.

Payment Terms And Conditions

We accept the following modes of payment consisting of Credit Cards Online, Credit Cards via telephone, bank transfers and cheques. We are not liable for the provision of any services before receiving payment from the client. Depending on the services you receive from us, you might be charged an additional credit card fee after being informed.

Refunds Policy

We assure you about the quality of our products and services and are confident that you will find them to be at par with your requirements. However, if you are not satisfied with the quality of our service, you may contact our customer centre to resolve the issue. We believe in maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and make sure you receive the best service. You can also reach an agreement with our management about refund options.

Our Obligations

At Register A Company In Ireland.com, we ensure security of your personal data and credit card information. Any credit card information taken over the phone is deleted once your order has been processed. The goods are delivered to you as soon as your order is accepted and from thereon they would be your responsibility.
You hereby agree that any company incorporated through Register A Company In Ireland.com will not be used for an illegal purpose and that you will comply with all taxation and reporting requirements in your place of residence or domicile.

Money Laundering

According to the International Money Laundering Regulations, we have an obligation to ensure that our services do not in any way assist money laundering or any other criminal activities. We will require Customer Due Diligence (CDD) documentation for the Directors and Beneficial owners with 25% or more of the shares of your company

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