International Company Formation

Our International Company formation service is ideal for clients based anywhere in the world. We can facilitate company formation worldwide, including offshore company locations for entrepreneurs who are non-residents. In business for over 20 years, we have extensive experience with company registration in over 50 jurisdictions around the globe. Many of our services can be secured remotely so minimal or no travel is required.

Our International Company Formation Services include:

  • Company formation worldwide; includes Europe, UK and offshore company
  • Readymade Company
  • International Bank Accounts
  • Corporate Tax and VAT Registration
  • Registered Office
  • Virtual Office with Call Forwarding
  • Domain Name and Website Hosting
  • Merchant Facilities
  • Employer Tax – sometimes required when hiring an internationally based workforce

Why Register a Company Abroad?

In many cases, your business goals may span beyond your home country location especially if you live in a high-tax location, which can put your company at a disadvantage. For many businesses, forming an international company is the best way to expand their business globally, providing access to larger markets, skilled workers, and relief from heavy taxes.

Company Structures

Generally speaking, there are 4 company structures for an international company formation. The best option will depend on your business goals, ownership, and the chosen location of your company formation.

Stand Alone Limited Company – This is the most common company type for private and commercial businesses ventures. A limited company is a legal entity that is typically owned by individuals whose liability is limited to the share capital invested.

Subsidiary Company – This is normally a limited company that is majority-owned by a parent company. The Parent company is the majority shareholder and additional shareholders can be added (up to 49%). The owners of the holding company will have the same percentage of stakeholding in the subsidiary company.

Branch Company – This is an extension of a parent company, and it does not have shares. Unlike a subsidiary, it is not a separate legal entity, the owning company has taxability and legal liability of the branch’s operations.

Holding Company – This is a parent company that typically does not produce goods or provide services, instead, it exists to own shares of other companies, forming a corporate group. has extensive experience in international company formation and our team of international professionals has considerable insight in dealing with the complexities and setbacks associated with company registration across various jurisdictions. We can assist you with international company registration in a time and cost-efficient manner so you can begin trading in your chosen jurisdiction. We offer extremely competitive pricing in some of the most popular jurisdictions within Europe and around the globe.

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