Share Capital and Issued Share Capital

What is the Difference between Authorised Share Capital and Issued Share Capital?

When registering a new Irish company, the difference between the Authorised Share Capital (ASC) and the Issued Share Capital (ISC) can sometimes be q...
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Payment Processing Solutions

How to find the best Payment Processing Solution for my Startup Company

The purpose of most companies is to generate revenue in order to grow and become successful. Therefore, choosing a payment processing solution is one ...
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Shareholders Agreement Benefits

The Benefits of a Shareholders Agreement

A Shareholders Agreement benefits an Irish company as it grows and changes. Harmonious thinking within the company is key to conducting business in a ...
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Amnesty Announced for Companies unable to file Annual Returns during Covid-19 crisis

On 20th March the CRO announced an amnesty for companies that were unable to file annual returns during the Covid-19 crisis. All Irish company annual ...
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Brexit Deal brings welcome news for Business in Ireland

Update: After this article was posted the Brexit Deal was not passed through the UK House of Commons and Brexit was delayed until the 29th January 201...
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Does my Irish company need to apply for VAT Registration?

Once you have incorporated a company the next step to consider is Corporation Tax and VAT Registration.  It is mandatory to register for corporation ...
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